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Set in Victorian London at the end of the 19th century, Emma is a classic romantic story about two people from different social backgrounds who fall in love and must struggle against society to be together. It has been used before, and in this particular case it is the story of the romance between William Jones, the eldest son of a wealthy merchant family looking to further cement their status in society by having William 'marry up' into the peerage, and Emma, a poor, yet beautiful maid.


There is also an anime of the same name which also follows a similar story. The animation, although muted, is effective in capturing the emotional essence of a scene through the usage of close-up shots on the characters' facial expressions and exhibition of the surrounding scenery. It also makes use of orchestral scores to further execute the various tones of the story. It is of the historical shoujo genre, as the story takes place in Victorian London and centers around the romance between Emma and William.


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