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Emma Jones is the main protagonist of the Emma story. She falls in love with William Jones, a student of her mistressu the first time they met.

Appearance Edit

Emma is a young girl with brown hair. She has round, black eyeglasses. While working, she's required by her employer to wear a Victorian housemaid outfit consisting of a black dress and a white apron.

Personality Edit

Emma is kind of shy ☺️.

Background Edit

Originally from a poor seaside Yorkshire village, she was kidnapped as a young girl to be sold to a London brothel. She managed to escape, but became lost in London. She managed to work odd jobs for food, until she was taken under the wing of Kelly Stownar as her maid. Under Mrs. Stownar, Emma was taught to read, write, and a variety of other subjects.

Plot Edit

Manga Edit

In later chapters of the manga, it is revealed that Emma can also read a bit of French.

Anime Edit

After the death of Mrs. Stowner, Emma flees from London, intending to go back to her village, but she ended up meeting with a maid who worked for the Mölders (Meredith in the English translation of the manga) family, a German immigrants, who live in a mansion in York, and Emma is hired as a servant in the Molders' household.

There, she becomes a favorite because of her fluency in English, for which her mistress (Lady Dorothea) always brings Emma on distant trips, e.g. the trip to Mrs. Trollope's (Aurelia Jones) house and also the trip to London alongside a few menservants who could also speak English. She was also a well liked maid among the staff due to her honesty and diligence in her work, as well as the children of Lady Dorothea who are Elise and Erich often play with her.

Sooner and later in the manga she married Will Jones. When she has to right her maiden name she wrote Emma Stowner to be registered and of course she officially became Mrs. Emma Jones.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

William Jones Edit

William Jones is her boyfriend and later husband.

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