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This is a list of every episode produced for Emma – A Victorian Romance and Emma – A Victorian Romance: Second Act.

Season 1 Edit

  1. The Gift
  2. Two Worlds
  3. The Confession
  4. Mudie's
  5. The Dinner Party
  6. The Visit
  7. Crystal Palace
  8. The Pocket Watch
  9. Alone
  10. Missing One Another
  11. The Past
  12. Lilies of the Valley

Season 2 Edit

  1. A New House
  2. Moonlight
  3. Cool Rain
  4. Courtship
  5. Embrace
  6. Success and Loss
  7. Evening Waves
  8. Whereabouts
  9. Resolution
  10. By the Window
  11. Time
  12. Flower

OVA Edit

  1. Intermission