Emma v. Shirley Medison - the leading role has changed

opposite Emma.

Shirley Medison is a maid star of 2 other manga series by Kaoru Mori, this one set during the Edwardian period rather than the Victorian one.

Her series began as doujinshi published 2000-2001 called by her full name, later compiled into a volume by Enterbrain called "Shirley"in 2003. CMX later re-interpreted her surname as 'Madison'. A total of 7 chapters were made.

In 2006 the author released 2 more chapters under the 'Medison' title again, followed by another pair in 2010, a third pair in 2013, and a fourth pair in 2014, for a total of 8 chapters, later compiled as "Shirley" volume 2.

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